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Hiring Local Movers Vs. National Movers For Your Intrastate Move

Darlene Peck

Did you know that 82.7% of the 31 million people who move each year move intrastate? Regardless of the distance, planning a move is a tedious and stressful task that is best done with professional help. However, you have two main options to choose from: do you hire local or national movers, and why?

Why You Should Contract Local Movers

Unbeatable Knowledge on the Area

Moving includes more than packing and loading. It includes logistics, knowing the backroads, and other transporting quirks. Local movers who operate within the state or specific area you are looking to move to have expert knowledge. 

With a lot of knowledge of the area, local movers can speculate charges better and use shorter routes during the move, reducing your hourly charges. Additionally, they are ahead on information about which roads may be closed for renovations, making your move easy.

Easy to Vet

When looking up professional and reliable moving companies, getting information on local movers is easier. Since they operate within the region, you can quickly look up their history, customer reviews, and accomplishments.

Therefore, you can save time you would have otherwise spent looking for reliable national moving companies if you haven't worked with any before. Besides, you can easily spare a few minutes to visit their offices for a consultation.

Accurate On-site Estimates

Before hiring a mover, you will likely need to consult different movers for estimates. Often, companies calculate estimates through the phone based on the details you provide; thus, they aren't very accurate. The result is adding on additional charges during the move, which can catch you by surprise.

Local movers offer on-site estimates, which helps prevent these additional charges during the move. Since they are within your local area, they can send over a representative to physically assess your moving needs. Thus, they come up with a more accurate estimate.

Save More

Working with a local mover is more cost-effective when compared to hiring a national mover, despite offering the same moving services. Since local movers are within your region, they have fewer operating costs, which helps save you money. 

A national mover working at a different town or region will have higher operating costs, which will pass on to you in the quotation. Furthermore, if you are paying hourly charges, the number of hours the national movers take to travel to your location and back will cost more than contracting local movers. 

Do You Need Help Moving?

Local movers can be the piece of the puzzle you need to simplify your moving. Contact a local moving service to partner with friendly and knowledgeable staff to ensure you move in the right direction.


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