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What To Look For In A Storage Unit

Darlene Peck

Have you finally run out of room to store things at your home or office and it's becoming a bit of a problem? You'll definitely want to start looking into self-storage as a way to free up some square footage. Here are a few things to look for when renting a storage unit.


It is very important that the storage unit you pick is one that is accessible to you when you need to visit it. Some storage units have access during normal business hours, while others allow 24/7 access to the facility. Having 24/7 access may also be a benefit that you have to pay more money for, so keep that in mind as well and decide if it is something that you really need.


The location of the storage unit should also be fairly close to where you live. You want the storage unit to not be out of the way so that if you do need to access it, you are not inconvenienced. Consider a place that is between your home and office so that you can easily stop by the unit during your morning or evening commute. 


You should also consider how easy it is to get to the specific storage unit that you are renting. Outdoor storage units often let you pull up a vehicle right to the entrance of the storage unit. However, indoor units with climate controls can be more complicated. Do you need to use a loading dock? Do you have to take belongings onto an elevator? Do you need a cart to get items to your unit because it's so far away from the entrance? These are important things to ask yourself, because you may be making frequent trips.

Climate Control

Is there anything that you are storing that needs additional protection with climate control? A good way to think about it is if you would feel comfortable storing the item in your garage without worrying about the item being damaged. If not, then it likely requires climate control. 


When you are touring the storage facility, take a look at the overall cleanliness of the place. While you may not think much of it at the time, a clean storage facility is going to not only be nicer to come back to but also do a better job at keeping pests away. This is more problematic when you have an outdoor unit where it is more accessible to pests, but it can be a problem that you need to consider.


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