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Moving To Seek Adventure

How To Help Your Movers Work More Efficiently

Darlene Peck

When you hire household movers to help pack and transport your items, you generally pay them by the hour. So if you are on a limited budget, as most people are when moving, you will want to ensure your movers can get in and complete the job swiftly. How can you do that? Well, start by completing these tasks that help your movers work more efficiently. 

Remove any obstructions.

Make sure the movers have a clear path to get in and out of any rooms they need to access. This means moving any floor mats that might get jumbled up under their feet. If there is a piece of furniture that keeps a door from staying open or forces you to have to shimmy through a doorway, move that, too. Pick up anything on the floor, like kids' toys or dog beds. The fewer things your movers have to walk around or look out for, the faster they can move.

Take photos of things they'll be disassembling

If your movers will be taking apart any large items like entertainment units or dining room tables, spend a few minutes going through the house and taking photos of those items fully assembled. This way, your movers can take them apart without being so wary of how they'll put them back together. And if your movers end up staying to reassemble the furniture, the photos will save them time then, also.

Know what you want

Before the movers arrive, spend time thinking about what boxes you want packed in front, whether you want certain pieces of furniture disassembled, how heavy you want your boxes, and so forth. This way, when you are asked these questions, you can have a response ready promptly — your movers won't have to wait around while you make up your mind.

Make space for the moving truck

The further from the front door the moving truck is, the longer it will take your movers to load it. Make space for the moving truck as close to your door as possible. That might mean you need to park your own car down the street, ask the landlord permission to park in a no-parking zone, or something similar — but it will be worth the time you save.

Most movers are fast and efficient workers since they do this work daily. But with the tips above, you can give them an even greater boost in efficiency. 


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