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Guidelines For Moving Your Piano For The First Time

Darlene Peck

Moving to a new home is always a challenge. However, this is particularly true for those that will need to move a large piano. These instruments can be extremely valuable, and damages during the moving process can ruin this delicate musical instrument. Keep the following tips in mind as you prepare to move your piano.

Appreciate The Challenges Of Moving A Piano

One of the most challenging aspects of moving a piano will be dealing with the immense weight of this instrument. Those with full-sized pianos can find that they potentially weight up to a few hundred pounds. This can make it extremely easy for individuals to suffer serious injuries as a result of attempting to move this instrument without the correct tools or the appropriate level of physical conditioning. In addition to the weight, pianos also have an extremely awkward shape, which can further compound the difficulties of moving them. Hiring professional piano movers can be the best option for managing these particular aspects of this process.

Always Insure Your Piano When Moving It

Whether you are attempting to move the piano yourself or hiring professionals for this work, you should always purchase insurance to protect the value of your piano. There can be many ways that a piano can be damaged during a move, and some of these will be completely out of the control of the movers. A perfect example of this type of risk can be due to a motor vehicle accident while the piano is in transit. Even a minor impact could cause substantial damage to the piano that could be very expensive or impossible to repair. If you discover that damage occurred to the piano during the move, you should thoroughly document it and file a claim as soon as possible. At the start of the packing process, you may want to take extensive photographs of the piano so that this can be used as evidence if it sustains damage.

Consider Whether A Dedicated Moving Truck Is Needed For The Piano

Pianos are extremely large instruments, and it is essential for individuals to avoid loading other items on top of the piano. This can be extremely damaging to the exterior of the piano, and if this results in warping, it could permanently alter the sound produced by it. Due to these particular hazards, individuals may want to rent a separate truck to carry their piano. This will allow it to be perfectly positioned and secured in the truck. Another benefit will be that the risk of boxes or other items falling on the piano during transport can be eliminated.

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