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Keep These Things In Mind While Shipping A Car

Darlene Peck

If you are planning to hire a moving company to move your car, you also have a part to play in the smooth delivery of the vehicle. Here are four things to confirm before the moving day:

Confirm the Carrier's Liability

Most cars are delivered to their intended destinations without any mishap. However, even if you have researched and picked a moving company with a hundred percent record, you cannot be sure that your vehicle won't be the first one to be damaged in transit. Car moving companies know this too, which is why they have liability insurance. Err on the side of caution and confirm that this limit is so that you don't learn that you can only claim $50,000 for $100,000 worth damage after the damage is done.

Confirm the Delivery Time

Many factors determine how fast your car is delivered to its intended location. These factors include the moving distance and location or route. This latter factor is important because cars aren't shipped individual; they are bundled and hauled with other vehicles. It makes sense, therefore, that busier routes (such as those passing through or terminating in major cities) have faster delivery routes. Also, this will also save you from assuming that your car's delivery will delay only for the car to be delivered when you aren't there to pick it up (assuming you were shipping it to yourself).

Confirm That the Car Is Operable

If the car you want to ship has been sitting in the garage for a long time, then you better check that is it still inoperable before calling the movers. This is because, if the car is inoperable, the moving company will need to provide loading and unloading gear for it. This may also cost you extra.

Confirm the Accessibility of the Delivery Location

If you have opted for the door-to-door service, then you also need to confirm that the delivery truck will be able to reach your location. For example, if the car is being delivered to your home, you should confirm that it will fit your neighborhood roads, your gate, and even your yard. Don't forget that your homeowners' association (HOA) or other local authorities may also have a say on the type of trucks that can reach your home. If the delivery truck cannot access the delivery door, then it is best to leave it at a central delivery point (most movers have this option) and then use another delivery means (such as driving) to get it to the door.

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