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How To Fit More Into Your Small Personal Storage Unit

Darlene Peck

If you are trying to keep costs down and stick to a budget, then you will probably want to choose as small a storage unit as possible for things that don't fit in your home. You can fit a remarkable number of things into a small, 5x10-foot or 10x10-foot storage unit, but you need to pack the unit with space in mind! Here are some tips to help you fit as much as possible in a personal storage unit.

Utilize drawers, cubbies, and other compartments.

If you are storing any pieces of furniture, make sure you completely fill the drawers with smaller items. This even applies to items like Tupperware. Why take up all of that empty space with a bowl when you could store your jewelry inside that bowl to save space? If you're worried that you won't know where to find things later on, make a list of items you have tucked inside other items, and keep it on your phone so you always have it on hand to reference. 

Take larger furniture apart.

If you have a table or chair that comes apart, take it apart. It's easier to stack some chair legs and a single chair back against the wall than to try and cram items around an upright chair. If furniture does not come apart, put awkwardly shaped items in the storage unit first so you can manipulate flexible items, like clothing and bags, around them.

Use vacuum-sealed bags.

When it comes to storing your clothing, place the pieces in a plastic bag and use a vacuum sealer tool to suck out all of the air. (You can rent vacuum sealers at most rental shops.) Do the same with sheets, curtains, and other plush items. If you don't have access to a vacuum sealer, at least put these items into plastic bags and manually squeeze out all of the air. It's surprising how much they shrink when you do.

Stack to the ceiling.

Choose boxes that stack on top of each other easily. Usually, smaller boxes are better than larger ones, and you want boxes made from sturdy, corrugated cardboard. This way, you can stack items all of the way up to the ceiling, maximizing the vertical space in your storage unit. Put soft items like bags of clothing on the tops of stacks so that if they fall down, nobody is at risk of getting hurt.


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