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Three Things To Do With Emotional, But Unnecessary Items

Darlene Peck

Sorting through your collections and getting rid of things is a good way to reduce clutter and keep your possessions more manageable. But while you may have no trouble getting rid of an old phone that does not work or a stretched-out tee shirt, there are bound to be sentimental items you're not sure how to handle. What do you do with your prom dress -- which you have not worn for years, yet have so many memories attached to? What about that picture your mom gave you that you don't really like... but that conjures up warm thoughts? You don't have to completely part with these emotional items. Here are three other things you can do with them.

Put Them In Storage

Consider renting a small storage unit for the items you cannot part with. You do have to exercise some self-control here. You can't just put everything you don't need anymore in the storage unit because it's easier than throwing it away. To keep your collections limited to truly emotional items, just rent a 5 x 5-foot unit. This is large enough for a few tote boxes of items, but not big enough to store your entire wardrobe from 8th grade onward. Knowing the items are accessible if you need them is comforting. But chances are, you won't pull them out or visit them nearly as much as you think -- and this may help encourage you to finally get rid of them a few years down the road.

Take Photos of the Items

Sometimes, you may not actually have to keep the item to get that warm, fuzzy feeling it gives you. Consider taking a photo of the item so you can look back on the photo fondly from time to time without having to maintain space for the actual item. Create a separate album on your phone for these pictures, and save them in the cloud so you know they won't disappear on you.

Give Them To a Friend

Knowing that someone else is enjoying an item that means a lot to you can help you avoid having to completely part with that thing. Obviously, this only works with certain items. Your friend is not going to get much use out of your old tee shirt, but they may want to use the bed frame your mother gave you but that no longer matches your decor! 

If something really means a lot to you, there's no reason to throw it away. Put it in storage, take a photo, or give it to a friend to use. Visit a site like for more help.


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