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Moving Tips You Can Use When You Have A Roommate

Darlene Peck

Moving with a roommate can be complicated, particularly if you are both moving into separate apartments at the same time. Here are a few tips you can use to help make the move go smoothly and ensure that your items end up at the correct homes:

Use Box Labels

You probably already know to label your boxes with the contents inside each container, but creating a roommate labeling system can help your moving company quickly identify which boxes belong to you.  Visit your local office supply store and purchase large stickers in two bright colors. Assign one color to you and one to your roommate, and place the stickers on the tops and side of each box. Let your movers know which color is yours, and have them load only the boxes with your stickers on them.

Divide Shared Property In Advance

If there are items you and your roommate purchased together, you'll want to come up with a plan for dividing these items before you begin packing. You can divide them by monetary value, or you can come up with a unique system for choosing who gets to keep what. By doing this before moving day, you may be able to avoid arguments over items.

Schedule Moves At Different Times

While you may both be moving out on the same date, there may not be enough room in your apartment for both of you to move out at the same time. Check with your roommate to see what time he or she is planning to move out, and schedule your movers to arrive either a few hours before or a few hours after. This can help to ensure everyone has the room they need to move around freely as they carry boxes and furniture out of your home.

Secure Your Deposit

Sometimes roommates don't share in housework equally, but moving day should be a day that you both busy yourselves with cleaning your old apartment. By giving it a thorough cleaning and repairing any damage you may have caused, you can help to ensure you get as much of your deposit back as possible. Schedule a time for your roommate to meet you back at the old apartment on moving day so you can prep it for your landlord, or consider hiring your moving company to tackle the cleaning project for you.

Whether you and your roommate will remain the best of friends or your relationship has soured, you can still have an easy move from your old apartment to your new one. Work with your moving company for additional tips you can use as you prepare to move.


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